By car

GPS coordinates

If you have a GPS system, you can type in these coordinates: @44.18592,5.796736 - Latitude: 44° 11' 9.312" Longitude: 5° 47' 48.2496"

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The old way

Good news, one can arrive to Sain Martin without GPS nor internet:

Coming from the north

You can reach Sisteron from Grenoble, you will cross Sisteron in the direction of Aix en Provence. At the roundabout after leaving Sisteron, follow the signs "Vallée du Jabron" then turn right before the small village of "les bons enfants" always following the signs that say "Vallée du Jabron".

If you come from Gap on the highway you will take exit 22 as shown below.

Coming from the south

You can reach the valley of Jabron taking the motorway from Aix to Sisteron, take exit 22 "Sisteron centre/Vallée du Jabron", follow the signs at the two roundabouts "Vallée du Jabron" then turn right before "les bons enfants" always following the sign "Vallée du Jabron".

If you come from the national highway, turn left after the small village of "les bons enfants" following the sign "Noyers / Jabron".

Once in the Valley

Follow the route towards Noyers sur Jabron, go through the village and keep going until you reach "Le Couvent" hamlet.

In Le couvent you will see on your right a sign "St Martin".

Turn right and follow the small road (be careful, it’s narrow with a lot of hair-pin curves) until the end, roughly 4 km. You reached the Training Center, Congratulations!

Le centre de formation


Nouvelle formation !

L'école est heureuse de vous présenter la Formation Salarié(e) en boulangerie bio

Vous souhaitez vous reconvertir, apprendre la panification au levain naturel et vous préférez être salarié(e) ?