Training center

EIDB (École Internationale de Boulangerie, International baker school) is the result of more than 10 years of expertise in the baking sector with Thomas Teffri-Chambelland as its founder.

Created in 2005, the school trains every year forty adults wishing to develop baking projects in France or abroad.

EIDB affirms its position as a leader in the wheat-bread sector, offering trainings sanctioned by a diploma validated by the French State, specifically oriented towards baking with natural leaven and organic raw materials.

EIDB is an advisor to professionals in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Throughout the years a network of dedicated and passionate bakers developed from the teachings of EIDB, located in France and other countries, for the delight of their customers.

A Biologist and a Professor, Thomas opened a bakery in 2001 specializing in bread built on natural leaven. In 2005 he added a professional training center and in 2007 a farm organically growing ancient species of cereals.

The Training Center opened in 2005. It answered the training needs of amateurs and the requests of professional adults wishing a change in career and a conversion to traditional baking. It discreetly acquired its place as a European leader in vocational training in baking with natural leaven.From the beginning the Training Center received more aplications than its capacity allowed. As Thomas insisted on personally mentoring each professional project, the number of students was limited to four per session until 2008. In order to better focus on the development of the Training Center he sold Bakery Lapaline in February 2009.

The training Center became “École Internationale de Boulangerie SAS”, EIDB providing training and expertise in the baking sector, European leader in professional training within the natural leaven baking domain using organic raw materials.

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