Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course (FR)

This advanced course is provided in French. It also exists in English and Spanish.

The course offered by École Internationale De Boulangerie (EIDB), "Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course", does not lead to a diploma and is only intended for professional sourdough bakers : at least 2 years of experience as a professional on sourdough bakery, are required to attend the course.

The training takes place at the training centre on five consecutive days from Monday to Friday.

During these 40 hours of training, the trainee perfects their theoretical knowledge and practical skills as a qualified baker. Traditional and technical productions (mainly panettone, sourdough viennoiserie, but also bread) are covered.

8 hours to bring theoretical knowledge about biological and biochemical phenomena involved in the bread making process.

Up to 32 hours will be dedicated to production during which all the steps of sourdough management, kneading, fermentation and baking will be detailed. The main products covered during this week are Panettone, sourdough brioche, sourdough croissants and various regional variations.

A 4-hour period might be devoted, depending on the needs of the learners, to discuss about financial management and legal aspects of the traditional sourdough bakery business (course in French only).

May 2023 Perfection Training Session
from Monday, may 29 to Friday, June 2 2023.

At training center : 40 h

Vacation periods :
there are no scheduled vacations during this training.

Registration for the May 2023 Perfection Training session

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Participation cost estimate & syllabus for the May 2023 Session Perfection Training session

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