Some figures

EIDB (L'école internationale de boulangerie) is:

The only school in the world to offer a level 4 diploma course (equivalent to a professional baccalaureate) specifically oriented towards natural sourdough bread-making, the organic sector and business creation.

4 diploma courses per year (Organic baker training, duration 15 weeks).
11 trainees per course.
44 professional creation projects supported each year.

10 short non-degree courses per year (introductory or advanced courses, lasting 1 week).
11 trainees per course.
110 amateur or professional adults accompanied each year.

A high supervision rate of 4 trainers for 11 trainees, favourable to the personalized follow-up of each trainee.

3 working languages: French, English and Spanish.
More than 15 nationalities represented.

8 trainees out of 10 who are reconverted in the profession, including 7 as company managers.

Since 2006, more than 150 companies created and viable in the long term, in France and abroad (Less than 1% of the companies created had to close for economic reasons).

A passionate team that listens to you.
A formidable network contributing to the development of essential values.

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