Bien gérer sa boulangerie

This is a non-degree training suitable for adult company managers or production managers. This 21-hour course focuses specifically on the implementation and use of management tools. It takes place at the training centre over three consecutive days from tuesday to thursday (seven hours per day).

The trainee will become familiar with the use of the following management tools

  • production spreadsheets
  • financial spreadsheet
  • work organisation chart

The course also covers certain obligations of the company manager, such as the implementation of a single document and a health and safety plan.

The first day deals specifically with production spreadsheets.
The second day deals specifically with financial spreadsheets and their analysis.
The third day is reserved for case studies and the obligations of the company manager

Please, be aware that, currently, this training is provided in French only.
You need a proper level in French to be able to follow the theoretical and practical courses.
Are you a professional baker already working with sourdough ? If yes, please check our training : Panettone, viennoiserie and sourdough bread – Advanced course.

The registrations are done through our intranet 'Le Club EIDB'.

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* Please note that applications are processed in chronological order of receipt of complete applications.
As your registration will be effective after a 10-day withdrawal period and payment of the deposit, it is possible that the counter still shows places available because the school is still processing applications.
The sending of your complete file does not guarantee your inscription, which will only be effective after confirmation from the secretariat.

L'école renouvelle son diplôme !

Le diplôme de l'école 'Boulanger' de niveau 4 a été enregistré au Registre National des Certifications Professionnelles pour trois nouvelles années

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