The Diploma

L'école Internationale offers an official diploma titled "Boulanger, niveau 4".
The creation of this diploma is the result of significant pedagogical and administrative work undertaken by the school since 2006.

Exam success rate (2007 to 2022): 98%

A diploma specifically oriented towards natural leaven bread and the organic raw material sector

L'école Internationale de Boulangerie (EIDB) is a European leader in teaching traditional baking.
Baking with natural leaven and organic raw material is are at the heart of the school's teachings since its opening in 2006.
EIDB is the only traning organization entrusted with the management of the baker diploma (Boulanger niveau 4, Baker level 4).

A diploma recognized by the state

The National Commission for Professional Certifications (CNCP) reviewed the diploma from EIDB and recommended its enrollment in the National Registry of Professional Certifications (NCPR) in France.
The minister in charge of professional training has validated this entry.
The diploma is recognized at level 4 (Bac level)
Le journal officiel n°198 en date du 27 Août 2013 fait mention de cette inscription sous le titre Diplôme de Boulanger, niveau 4,
le journal officiel n°180 en date du 7 août 2018 de son renouvellement.
Consequently, holders of this diploma can assert their rights.

A level 4 diploma

In order to set up as a baker on your own in France, you must justify a level V diploma (CAP: Certificat d'Aptitude de boulanger) or higher.
The diploma offered by L'école Internationale de Boulangerie is level 4, thus superior to CAP (Yes, I know, 5 should be superior to 4, but that’s the French system).

  • This diploma allows its holders to subscribe to the trade registry as bakers, without having to take the CAP exam.
  • The diploma also allows its holders to be hired with a coefficient of 175, while holders of the CAP have a coefficient of 160 according to the determination of statutory minimum wages.

A diploma regarded and supported by important personalities of the wheat-bread sector

The following personalities have expressed their enthusiasm and their support for the implementation of this degree.

  • Teachers, Researchers, Consultants :
    • Mr Roussel Philippe (École de la Meunerie et des Industries Céréalières ENSMIC, Polytech Paris UPMC)
    • Mr Chiron Hubert (INRA-Nantes) (co-author amongst other things of the best baking book currently available in France :« Les Pains français » Maé Erti edition)
    • Mr Pourcel Christian
    • Mr Boulet Guy (Vice président of the Confédération Nationale de la Boulangerie Française, Président of the jury of the best Craftsmen of baking in France)
  • French Artisan bakers :
    • Mr Bellini Alain (Merveilles de pains, Saint-Julien en Genevois)
    • Mme Mauclerc Véronique (Top 10 of Parisian Bakers)
  • International artisan bakers :
    • Mr Garcia Philippe (USA)
    • Mr Dewalque Marc (Belgique)
  • Miller :
    • Minoterie Suire (Groupe Girardeau)
  • Specialized journalist :
    • Mr de Tonnac Jean-Philippe, author of the universal dictionary of bread at Laffont.


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